Running successful user acquisition campaigns is tough. Challenges arise across the board! Under-delivery or tracking issues, you name it. If you’re reading these lines, you know.

UA sounds simple, when it’s not

Running good user acquisition isn’t about pressing play on some dashboard. It’s much more: from tracking to integrations, media planning, or trafficking. It’s an ever-expanding universe.

Your business is unique

Your business needs are truly unique, and only a tailored approach will yield the best results.

Running good user acquisition is about putting together a powerful machine. A machine that is capable of handling campaigns at scale and providing clear results for all stakeholders throughout the whole process.

Work with a UA Expert

At cbandbots, we specialize in mobile user acquisition, Facebook ads, and ad operations. We live for only one thing: ROI (return on investment). To get there, we work hand in hand with businesses like yours to optimize the conversion rates that matter.

Working with cbandbots is like hiring an experienced user acquisition manager, for a fraction of its price. Get in touch to learn more.